About Us
The midwest's most passionate group of massage therapists has teamed together to provide today’s
hardworking people with solutions to managing stress, injuries, and chronic pains in the comfort of their
homes, hotel, or business venue.   All of our therapists are nationally certified, hold a state license and are
professional members of the American Massage Therapy Association(AMTA).  Client confidentiality is

Our staff brings everything from the basic necessities; a table, sheets, a blanket, music, candles, and oils,
to many different styles of upgrades including Champagne, Flowers, and decadent Chocolates. You make
the request and we will make it happen.
Our professionals are educated about the body and all the body’s systems.  Our Massage therapists have
completed schools with rigorous curriculum's covering; Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology,
Clinical Massage Therapy I, Clinical Massage Therapy II, Clinical Massage Therapy III, Clinical Integration,
and Clinical Practice.  

Every year each of our therapist attends at least 12 hours of continuing education and because we love
what we do, we explore both eastern and western bodywork philosophies.  Our spectrum of modalities
expands from the lightest touch of Reiki energy work to the intensive pain releases of trigger-point
Phone  262-729-6537